The Waterslager, Belgium Waterslager, Waterschlager, and the Malinois, by any other name it is still a Waterslager. It was decided for ease of understanding that the bird, in the future, will only be known as the Waterslager. Depending on which country the Waterslager comes from has an influence on it's song. Our birds are all from imported stock coming from Belgium.

The Waterslager is more of a mid-range bird, with many of the low sounds of the Roller. The one particular note of distinction in the Waterslager is a steel tone note. There is more emphasis put on different notes of the Waterslager's song, reflecting the tastes of it's origin and the people who raised them. The Waterslager is a Roller, like the German Roller, with different values placed on different roles and tours.

One major problem with the Waterslager is it's capacity to mimic the songs of other birds. If you have American Singers, Type Canaries, or Color Bred Canaries you will find that after awhile your Waterslager will have picked up many of their notes, be them good or bad.

One should either keep your Waterslagers separate from your other birds, so as to not contaminate their song, or you should only raise Waterslagers. As to only raising Waterslagers this is not a bad way to go. The bird has a beautiful song with great freedom. It is also a beautiful bird with great feather quality. It is said to be the foundation stock for many of the Type Canaries we see today. If this is the only bird you have, you will not find yourself wanting.

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