American Singer

The American Singer Canary was developed and shown in 1934 at a Boston show. Eight women from Milton Mass. developed the bird through a systematic breeding plan as defined in the American Singer Club constitution. The model involves a cross between the Border canary and the Roller canary. You would be hard-pressed to find a Border canary of the size used in the original model The Border standard of today is much different from that of 1935 and the 1940’s. In any case, why would you want to reinvent the American Singer. The American Singer was developed to be a bird whose song you could hear outside of the room where the bird was kept. He was developed to sing high and low notes in pleasant harmony. Because the song is not scored in a structure like the Roller or the Waterslager it is ever changing. The American Singer has a great capacity to mimic other song. It is not uncommon to have a bird that sings a double note. A popular note in today’s song contest is the water note. The American singer is noted for its freedom and harmony. This is a bird that often adds to his song every year. They are pleasant additions to any home.

Always try and purchase your bird from a breeder/exhibitor as his or her aviary song has more variety. It does not cost any more to raise a quality bird as adverse to a pet shop variety.

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